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How Journalists Research Who to Interview

How Journalists Research Who to Interview

If you’re trying to get featured in the media, it helps to understand how journalists think. What are they looking for? What makes journalists choose to interview a particular expert? What can you do to make yourself stand out to the media? Journalists research more online than ever before, and there are several key things you can do to stand out and optimise your profiles.

Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your PR Strategy

Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your PR Strategy

What first springs to mind when you hear the term ‘PR’? Interviews in magazines? Newspapers? TV shows? PR has traditionally been associated with print media, so, most likely your first thought wasn’t ‘social media’. Social media is actually a key PR tool. Social media and PR should be used in conjunction with each other. The world of PR is changing, and if you want to create a rockstar presence, you need to be on social media.

Will PR Work For My Coaching Business?

Will PR Work For My Coaching Business?

As a coach to the coaches, one question I get asked a lot is, ‘Will PR work for my coaching business?’ There are lots of conflicting stories about PR on the internet, and it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. You might have heard negative stories about PR, about publicists who rely on outdated press mailing lists and get no real outcomes for their clients.

I’m a Publicity Rockstar, and I teach YOU how to become one, too! Media attention is your fast lane ticket to more clients, an outstanding reputation, and a world-changing impact! 

Why you and your business need media attention

What my clients say

I started my business in April 2019 and that was a few weeks before I started to work with Simone. Throughout the time I’ve worked with Simone, I’ve been featured in online magazines such as e.g. Vriendin (600.000 readers), Wendy online (my story was read by 220.000 unique readers) and in Libelle, Netherland’s biggest women magazine with more than 1,4 Mio readers. These media features helped me to get new clients and they quadrupled my website visitors. Simone makes this new world of PR and contacting media outlets so easy to do!! And that was also thanks to the many useful examples of her own experience! I certainly would recommend working with Simone! Not only because she’s a top expert, but also because she took me by the hand and supported me on my journey. Only work with Simone if you are ready to be featured everywhere 😊 because her PR skills will rock your world! Working with Simone not only helped me to grow my business but I also gained a ton of self-confidence to reach out to journalists and give media interviews.
Bjelke Rietveld-Debruijn

Selflove Coach and Pranic Healer at Bjels, www.bjels.nl

Working with Simone has been not only great for learning how to get my business into the media and visible, but her experience as a business owner and coach in the love industry has been invaluable! She understands the industry like no one else and knows all the insider tips and tricks to get your company noticed. Her coaching is brilliantly structured, clear and it takes you through step by step how to become your own PR agent. Through working with Simone I learned how to leverage other people’s audiences to get guest blogs and podcast interviews. I went from zero clients at the start of working with Simone to now an almost full coaching practice where the vast majority of my leads are generated through PR. I could not have done this without Simone and I highly recommend her to any coach! Whether you are new to the industry or have been at it for many years, if you are looking for a simple, clear process to getting your name known, and create massive credibility in the market, then you must absolutely work with Simone!
Kelly Brändli

Founder of Kelly Brändli Coaching and Matchmaking, www.kellybrandli.com

Simone is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to PR and publicity! She knows exactly how to get your coaching business in the media. During my work with her, I have experienced her as very reliable and supportive! She takes you by the hand and helps you step by step to avoid overwhelm. Her expertise, experience and own results are huge and speak for itself. If you’re ready to put in the work, Simone is the perfect PR and publicity expert to approach. I can warmly recommend her.
Ute Benecke

Sex Coach, www.utebenecke.com

I went to a business event where I heard Simone talk about PR and her proven strategy to get into the media. Suddenly, I realised that I had been doing it all wrong from the beginning. I applied the steps and thought about her advice on how to and how not to approach the media in my new efforts. Within 1 day (!) I had booked 3 new interviews about my business in national on- and offline media! One of it with 53 million monthly readers. I am glad that I know this now, and I wished I had known this earlier! Thank you, Simone!
Dr. Heleen Lameijer

Founder of makesciencework.nl

I started my coaching business a couple of months ago and I knew I had to become visible if I want to succeed as a coach. Simone is the perfect person to work with because she has been where I am now and therefore, she understands exactly what I need and brings across her knowledge in an easy and comprehensible way. Her coaching sessions are very effective, and you can fully focus on the work with her as you’ll receive a recording of the session. To get through all the information you can find out there by myself, and to acquire her valuable knowledge would have been impossible for me being a mom of two and building my own business. Simone is very motivating and supportive, shares all her comprehensive expertise and was a tremendous help for me. I am happy I’ve met her and can highly recommend her.
Katharina von Schmeling


I highly recommend working with Simone if you want to learn more about visibility in the media. For me, it’s totally clear that stories are key, but how do I get them out there? Simone gave me extremely helpful insights on how to think like a journalist. Thank you, Simone!
Lotte Gerland


During a workshop, she has opened my eyes. Simone has shared her knowledge of PR in a very authentic way and made me excited to do more with it. She has brought what seemed far away closer and I am grateful for that. Simone shares her profession with humour, practical and to the point.
Korien Thiewes


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