Frequently asked questions

I am not a coach, consultant or trainer. Can I still work with you?

Unfortunately not. Our training is tailor-made for coaches, consultants and trainers, and that’s our expertise.

I have just started out with my coaching business. Does it make sense to work with you?

Yes absolutely! Simone has built her entire coaching business solely by getting publicity and leveraging the reach, impact and reputation of others for her business. 

I am not running a fulltime business, but a "side hustle" - is this for me?

Yes absolutely! The only thing you need is a story and a system. You get both in the training.

Simone has a master’s degree in journalism and are a certified PR consultant. Are you sure I don’t need any PR experience to make this work?

Absolutely! The system we teach you doesn’t require any experience in PR. If you follow the easy steps in the training, you will be successful! The only advantage Simone had is that she knew some insider tricks and information on how journalists think and work, but we share them all with you 😉

I have already tried to get publicity and it didn't work. Why would it with you?

Our step-by-step system works for you, too! If you have tried to get publicity and it didn’t work, you missed a piece. It works, especially as a coach, consultant or trainer! You’ll get all the knowledge and tools in the training.

What if I already have been featured in the media?

That’s awesome! If you’ve been featured in the media once or twice, it’s a great sign that your story and messages are interesting to journalists. However, if you’re not featured on a regular basis or you have no idea why you got featured or you have no clear strategy behind your publicity work, this training is perfect for you.

How much do I need to invest?

We offer different packages and it depends on which one will fit your needs. But obviously, we work with coaches who are willing to invest in themselves and their business. Book a discovery call and together we’ll find the best package for you.

Do you make me buy expensive software, tools or media contacts?

Nope, all we teach is possible without any software. Sometimes we will recommend software to leverage your time, but then we share a free and a paid option. The free option is always good enough.

What kind of industries does your step-by-step system work for?

It works perfectly for all coaching and consulting industries.

How much time does the training require?

During the time we work together you need between 3-5 hours per week to follow the training and implement the steps (that’s for the Publicity Rockstar™ Mastermind). After the training, to get ongoing publicity you need to invest around 2 hours per week or 1 full working day per month.

I live in [fill in your country] - do you have media contacts here?

As an agency, we have access to an international journalist database, which means we can provide you with the contact details of journalists in any country you want to reach out to the media. We’ll teach you in the training how to build a relationship with them. 

Isn’t it better to hire a publicist to do my PR?


First of all, you can do your own PR! And that’s what journalists prefer! 

Secondly, no one knows your business as well as you do, and no one is able to pitch it as you can.

And thirdly, if want a really good publicist (someone who gets you relevant media coverage), it will cost you around €5.000 to €10.000 per month! And even then, you’re not their only client, which means they have to split their attention and time.

Plus: You’ll be dependent on them because they own the most important asset of PR – the contacts and relationships! 

The easiest way is to learn and do it yourself, trust me.

Why should I focus on my publicity work when I can buy advertising?

Great question! First off, publicity is FREE, advertising is EXPENSIVE. According to Gary Vaynerchuk a Facebook ad that costs $4 today, will cost around $80 in around five years, due to increasing demand. That will make it almost impossible for (most) coaches to compete with the global player who can afford these prices. So, it’s a good idea to be prepared with a publicity strategy, even if you can afford to advertise.

Also: Advertising is what you say about yourself, and we all can see through the intention of it – selling your product or service. PR, however, is what other people say about you. This third-party endorsement builds trust, credibility and authority that helps your product and services to sell by themselves.


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