by Simone Sauter

What first springs to mind when you hear the term ‘PR’? Interviews in magazines? Newspapers? TV shows?

PR has traditionally been associated with print media, so, most likely your first thought wasn’t ‘social media’.

Social media is actually a key PR tool. Social media and PR should be used in conjunction with each other. The world of PR is changing, and if you want to create a rockstar presence, you need to be on social media.

Want to know more? Read on to discover my top 6 reasons why social media should be part of your PR strategy.

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of why social media should be part of your PR strategy, there’s one very important point I want to share with you.

Choose one social media channel only.

A lot of coaches try to be everywhere. They’re on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest. This is beyond time-consuming. It’s exhausting to juggle all these different social media accounts and create content for them every single day, so it’s not surprising that many coaches become overwhelmed and delete their accounts.

This is why I recommend you choose only one social media channel. Make sure the platform you choose is one that your ideal clients actually use. Don’t promote on Facebook if all your potential clients are on Instagram.

For example, the social media platform I use the most is LinkedIn. I’m also on Facebook and Instagram, but I’m not really active there.

I use my other social media channels to refer people to my LinkedIn. That way, people can see that I am active on social media and they can discover me on Facebook or Instagram, but they understand that to connect with me further, they need to go to LinkedIn.

And this is the strategy I recommend for you, as well. Choose one platform, and choose it wisely. Focus on creating consistent, high-quality content for that channel, and use your other platforms to signpost your followers to that main account.

With that piece of advice in mind, here are the reasons you need social media as part of your PR strategy.

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20 years ago, PR meant getting featured on TV, in magazines, or on the radio. Today, the media landscape has completely transformed, and the internet has created whole new opportunities.

Even magazines and TV channels have an online presence now, and their journalists need content for online platforms. You can’t afford to not be present on social media, because you miss out on online opportunities that your competitors will be snapping up.

Social media is just another part of your business strategy. Choose one channel, and build it into a rockstar PR tool. 


The second reason that you need social media in your PR strategy is that a professional and engaging social media channel helps you to position yourself as an expert. Through your social media profile, you can share your expertise.

You can build your expert reputation through events and freebies that highlight your knowledge and experience. Invite followers to webinars, where you talk about your field of expertise. Give followers access to insightful freebies, such as PDFs and printable activities.

Social media also helps with your branding. If you feed it well, your social media can really pay off for you. Your social media account needs to be consistent, so that followers know there is new content coming on a regular basis. I post on LinkedIn every day, so followers know there is new content from Monday to Friday. 

High-quality content is key. I share relevant information from my expertise, which gives my followers inspiration and support for their life and business. Enrich your followers’ lives through your content, and they will keep returning to check out your feed.

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Journalists do their research on social media. They use Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms to research people they write stories about. If you pitch a story to them, they will find your social media content, and use it to gain an impression of you and your coaching business.

A great social feed and a strong following is a real draw to a journalist. So, this is another reason why you need social media in your PR strategy.

Remember to choose a platform that your ideal clients use. Don’t be tempted to use a channel just because you like it. If you like graphic design, you might be tempted by the visual content on Pinterest, but that isn’t the best platform for a coaching business. Pinterest is focused on products, rather than services, particularly on the low to mid-price range.

Research your field well, and be sure that your chosen social media platform is actually viable for your business.


Social media bridges the gap between businesses and potential clients. You can directly engage with potential customers using social media platforms.

To an extent, you can also do this with mailing lists. If you send out a newsletter, subscribers can respond to you via the newsletter.

However, the level of engagement is quicker and more meaningful on social media. You can build a real relationship with your potential clients on social media. People will be commenting on your posts, and you can have real conversations with them.

So, this way, you can identify new potential clients who would be interested in your services and target them.


Storytelling is crucial for your business. It’s a huge part of both social media and PR.

Potential clients love to get to know you. They want to know who you are. They love to see behind the scenes of your coaching business. What are your values? Your standpoints? Your expertise?

And you can give them a glimpse of that through storytelling.

This doesn’t have to mean long, elaborate stories. Storytelling, especially on social media, can be something really tiny. It can be something that happened that morning. What’s your morning routine? How do you start your working day?

Social media storytelling is all about authenticity. It’s all about making yourself visible. Be open. Share what’s happening with your life or business. Tailor your strategy to you. 


When people hire a coach, they hire you as a person. Clients are potentially going to spend weeks, even months with you.

So, for a good working relationship to flourish, your clients need to like you.

If a client doesn’t like you, they’re not going to want to work with you over a long period of time. Social media helps you become visible, but it also fills in the details of who you are, what you think, and how your business functions.

Your social media feed says a lot about your values and personality. This is especially the case with live videos, which give you an extra level of immediacy in your interactions with followers.

Followers love direct engagement. They love it when you give them the space to ask questions, and they love it when you give a personal response.

Social media content creates your ‘like factor’. It helps potential clients get to know you and enables you to form a real bond with them before your contract even starts.

With social media, you immediately tick two very important PR boxes: visibility and engagement. So, that’s another reason why you need social media in your PR strategy.

The key to a successful social media strategy is to choose one channel and one strategy and stick to it. Be wise about it. Choose a platform where you can actually interact with potential clients. Share your knowledge, share your expertise, share your thoughts. Through high-quality content, social media becomes part of your PR strategy.

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