by Simone Sauter

As a coach to the coaches, one question I get asked a lot is, ‘Will PR work for my coaching business?’ There are lots of conflicting stories about PR on the internet, and it’s hard to tell fact from fiction.

You might have heard negative stories about PR, about publicists who rely on outdated press mailing lists and get no real outcomes for their clients. In this article, I want to share with you why that’s not all there is to PR, and why PR will work for your coaching business – if you know the right way to do it!

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Many coaches think they need a huge social media following, a perfect website, and hundreds of clients before they are ready to do PR. That is absolutely not the case. If you want to know about the right time to start your campaign, you’re in luck – I have an article that breaks it down in-depth.

But, to give you the ‘tl;dr’ version, here’s what you need to have in place before you start your PR:

  • You need to know who your ideal client is
  • You need to know what your field of expertise is
  • You need to know your PR goals for your coaching business

And then, arguably, the most important thing of all:

  • You need to have a good story

This is what a journalist really wants, right? It’s all about the story. If you have a great story that journalists want to write about, PR will work for you.

Once you have your story, to get it out there and share it with the world, you need to do two things.


‘The right media outlet’ is the one with your ideal clients in its audience.

There’s no point in pitching to media outlets with millions of readers, if those millions of readers are not your target audience. Media coverage with the widest readership won’t necessarily find you new clients, because you won’t be seen by people who are actually interested in your coaching business. That’s a waste of your time.

So, the first step to make PR work for your coaching business is to be sure you’ve found the right media outlet.


When you have the right media outlet, you then need to find the right journalist. Media outlets have many different departments, covering all sorts of different stories. There’s no point in contacting the music department about a beauty article.

To make your PR work for your coaching business, you need to find out which journalist is going to be interested in your story. So, once you have that perfect media outlet in mind, it’s time to do a bit of research. Once you find out which journalist covers your field of interest within your chosen outlet – congratulations, you’ve found the right journalist!

If you have the right story, if you have the right media outlet, if you have the right audience, if you have the right journalist – then PR will work for your coaching business.

This is assuming that you know how to pitch and find the right story angle, etc. However, this is pretty easy to pick up, once you understand the principles.


Essentially, to create a great story that journalists will love, and make PR work for your coaching business, you have to ask yourself one question:

‘Why did I start my business?’

What’s the story that led up to you launching your own coaching business?

Maybe you’re a career coach who discovered your calling later in life, and you want to show that you don’t have to be in your 20s to make a career change.

Maybe you’ve come through hardships to become a life coach or spiritual coach, and you want to prove to others in similar circumstances that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe you’re a fitness coach who found an amazing exercise routine that transformed your life, and you want to help other women do the same.

What’s your vision? What’s your mission?

We all have one.

Pitching is all about taking the details of your business, and pimping it up into a story. Then you offer it to a journalist.

Want to learn in more depth about pitching to journalists? Get in touch with me for a discovery call tailored to your coaching business.


Still, wondering if PR will work for your coaching business? Go to the Facebook page of a big media outlet. Take a look at the likes and comments on the posts.

Notice something?

You’ll soon see a pattern forming. The posts with the most likes and comments are the ones that share a personal story. Your story needs to evoke emotions, and the people who read it, your ideal audience, need to identify with you. Getting your clients to connect with you is the real goal.

It’s also the goal of the journalist, because the journalist needs to craft stories their audience is actually going to want to read. Your story is your connector to your ideal client. As soon as they can identify with you – they’re hooked.

People will forget what you tell them, but never how you make them feel.

PR will work for your coaching business, because emotion is what sells media, magazines and even newspapers. Look at sensationalist outlets. How do they sell?

They sell through shocking headlines. They sell through articles of celebrities gaining weight, or going through divorce or heartache. Sensationalist media may not be scrupulous, but it understands the importance of getting an emotional reaction from an audience. You can do that, too (and with much more valuable content!).

It’s not just the story of how you started your coaching business that journalists will be interested in. You can mine your life story. In my 18 years of experience in PR, I have never once met someone who didn’t have a story to offer a journalist. That’s the same across every industry. You just need to find it!

If you want to learn how to craft a story, find the right angles to pitch to your chosen media outlet, and make PR work for your coaching business, why not schedule a discovery call with me?

I will use my 18 years of expertise to find the right way to help you. Why not also download for “3 Million Euro Case Study”  to learn more about my Publicity Rockstar Method, which I use to get myself and my clients featured in leading outlets, from mindbodygreen to InStyle.


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