Learn how to get your coaching business featured in the media, and…

✅ Leverage the reach, impact and reputation of other for your business!

✅ Attract new clients and skyrocket your sales!

✅ Become visible to thousands and even millions of potential clients for free!

✅ Share your message with the world!

✅ Gain trust and credibility through an outstanding third-party endorsement!

✅ Become an authority in your niche super fast!

✅ Build your audience without “doing all the things”!

✅ Make a massive impact with your story and business!

✅ Increase your prices because you are THE expert!

✅ Build your email list effortlessly! 

✅ Get opportunities like speaking gigs, partnerships and even book deals!

What’s included in my coaching?

I offer 1:1 coaching and group coaching packages.

It’s a 6-months coaching.

You will get 1:1 calls, these are sessions where we will develop your strategy, I will be mentoring you through the process, so you know exactly step by step what to work on each and every week.

WhatsApp access. This is your personal line to me, your publicist in a pocket if you want so. You can reach out to me, I answer within 24 hours and this is that you are fully supported even in between our coaching calls and have all your questions answered. Because my goal is to keep you moving forward to reaching your goals. 

Access to the membership site with step by step video trainings, templates, tools and resources. Think of this as your on-demand learning centre, you can go as fast or slowly as you like.

You get pitching templates and tracking sheets. This is really my combined 18 years experience and testing hundreds of pitches to major media outlets. Forget trying to guess your way through it, you get my proven pitch templates, that way you know exactly what to write and exactly know how to connect and to create rapport and sell your story. 

I put together a library of top media outlets and podcasts that you can easily land speaking engagements on and rapidly build your credibility. You don’t have to worry about doing hours of research and trying to do it all on your own. This is my entire media contact list that you can just source. 

You get direct media contacts! And that’s gold for you! 

Rapid reporter response: Reporters are constantly looking for stories, soundbites, quotes for experts and we want to make sure you’re top of mind when they’re looking for an expert to contribute to a media piece. I use the Premium version of HARO (help a reporter out) and will go through it daily and forward you an opportunity if your expertise is required.

Whom is this for?

If you want to work with me…

✅ You need to be a coach with the intention to help and to improve people’s lives (e.g. their relationship, health, parenting, etc.).

✅ You need to be really good at what you do and produce valuable results.

✅ You need to work ethically and sell products and services that do not objectify women or men (aka. if you’re a pickup artist, we’re not a match)!

✅ You need to be open to leave your comfort zone to personally grow and create much better results than before.

✅ You need to be comfortable with the thought to invest time, energy and money to surpass yourself and achieve the results you dream of.

✅ You need to be a doer, driven and motivated to be able to implement my proven step-by-step system to become the go-to expert in your niche.

This is NOT for you if…

❌ You are not a coach. Although you can learn a lot as an entrepreneur and someone who sells physical products, my system is really tailor-made for coaches.

❌ You are looking for a magic pill and don’t want to put in the work. My system only works if you do too!

❌ You are looking for a “done-for-you-service”. The mentoring program is based on working with me personally, but you don’t buy a publicist, you become one!

Mindf*cks you could come across…

Maybe you think…

❌ I am not an expert!

❌ I don’t have a story to share.

❌ The media isn’t interested in my story.

❌ I will just advertise to become an authority.

❌ I am not ready to get featured in the media.

❌ My (social) following isn’t big enough to get in the media.

❌ PR doesn’t work for me.

❌ I don’t have enough (coaching) experience.

❌ I wouldn’t know what to tell the journalist anyway.

But the truth is…

✅ You don’t have to be a go-to expert. You become one through publicity! 

✅ You have an inspiring story, even if you think you don’t – trust me!

✅ Journalists need stories day in day out, and you have them (especially as a coach!)

✅ Advertising is a great tool, and yet it’s expensive, you need to make it work and it hardly helps you to gain trust and credibility.

✅ You are ready to get featured! Even if you launched your business yesterday!

✅ You don’t need a (social) following to get publicity. You actually build it by getting featured in media outlets.

✅ PR works for you, too! If you have tried and it didn’t work, you missed a piece. It works, especially as a coach!

✅ You don’t have to have years of coaching experience, you just need to know more than your target audience. That’s it.

✅ You have a story and expertise. That’s what you share with a journalist.

How does it work?


Fill in the form

Click on the button ‘book a free consulting call‘ and fill in the form.

Free Strategy Call

In our initial consulting call, we find out if we’re a match and how we can support you the best way to get publicity for your coaching business.


I will personally welcome you to our training and give you all details that you need to get started. 

Premium Support

Besides Zoom calls, you get access to me via WhatsApp, so you have your own ‘publicist in your pocket’ and can ask me anything anytime (on weekdays).

About Simone Sauter

Simone Sauter is a PR Strategist & Publicity Coach, bestselling author and tech nerd. She helps coaches to get more clients by being featured in the media so that they can rise above the noise online,  skyrocket their income and make a bigger impact. 

Simone has built her online coaching business in the relationship niche specialising in breakup coaching solely with PR and became Germany’s #1 Breakup Coach in less than two years.

Her website organically reached more than 1.000.000 people within two years, and she created an advertising value of more than 3 million euro. Simone was featured in Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Closer, and many more. She’s been on several podcasts and radio shows as well as on TV. 

Moreover, she wrote a bestselling book with a well-known German publishing house on how to overcome heartbreak and created the first German online coaching program for overcoming heartbreak which helped hundreds of women.

She holds a university degree in journalism and public relations, is a certified PR Consultant from German Press Academy Berlin and is a certified NLP & Hypnosis Master Practitioner.

Furthermore, she has worked as a PR & Social Media Manager for the world’s biggest online dating website and brings an 8-years-experience as a freelancer at a radio station to the table.

Simone grew up in Germany, lived in Ireland and Australia, has been a digital nomad for three years mostly located between Asia and South America and settled in The Netherlands in 2017. She’s married to a Dutchman and mother to a wonderful daughter.


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