Are you a best-kept secret ready to step into the spotlight? 

If you dream of getting the publicity opportunities most entrepreneurs never reach so that you can make a world-changing impact AND become the unquestionable choice for your dream clients, let me show you how…

Ambitious and purpose-driven women in business come to me when they want to become an authority in their industry, so that they can make the money they deserve, get heard and seen, and become the change they want to see in the world.

Does that sound familiar…?

You see your competitors being featured in the media ALL THE TIME and ask yourself, why not me

You dream of becoming a go-to industry expert who makes a world-changing impact, but your imposter syndrome encourages you to keep playing small.

You know you’re brilliant at what you do, but no one knows about you.

You want to stop looking for clients and dream of attracting ideal clients who see your value, are ready to work with you and eagerly pay top-dollar for your services.

You offer an invaluable free resource to get people on your email list, but hardly anybody is signing up for it. 

You want to share your message with the world and build a legacy, but you have no idea where and how to start

You want to put yourself out there confidently, but not knowing how to share your story and articulate what sets you apart holds you back.

You struggle to build your social media following…let alone develop an engaged community of raving fans, although you’re showing up every single day.

You know building credibility, trust and authority makes you stand out in the sea of competition and gets you heard and seen, but it seems so far away.

You have tried to build a funnel and make ads work for your business – and epically failed (like 90% of entrepreneurs), and you know there must be a faster, easier and cheaper way to do this! 

…and yes, there is a faster, easier and cheaper way to reach and help more people!



Leverage the reach, impact and reputation of the media, podcasters and influencers for your business – for free

Hi, I’m Simone Sauter!

In 2012, my ex-partner left me after a 10-year relationship, completely out of the blue. And even worse, he ‘replaced’ me within only four weeks and moved on with his life. 

After coming out shinier and stronger at the other end of this devastating heartache, I decided to start a business as a Breakup and Divorce Coach. I was on a mission to make a massive impact.

And I have! I’ve built a very successful coaching business simply by sharing my story in the media, on podcasts and on other people’s platforms (read the full story here).  

Besides that hands-on expertise, I have nearly two decades experience in the media and PR world. Before I started my entrepreneurial journey, I worked as a journalist and PR manager for several Fortune 100 companies. I also have a master’s degree in Journalism and PR, and I’m a certified PR Consultant.

So, I 100% understand how to get media attention for your business too! It is the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to share your message with the world. 

Unlike other strategies like building a social media following, building funnels and getting ads up and successfully (!) running or focusing on SEO, publicity gets you results – FAST. SUPER FAST. 

And yes, it’s possible for you, too…even if you secretly suffer from imposter syndrome (like 95% of entrepreneurs do)! 

There are two very impactful ways to work with me

The Publicity Rockstar™ Mentorship

  • The Publicity Rockstar™ Mentorship is a 6-month high-touch PR mentorship, training program and mastermind for ambitious and purpose-driven women in business.
  • It’s a combination of 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and self-studying with the goal of getting you featured in the media and on podcasts AND teaching you how to be your own publicist.
  • Here’s what’s included:
  • 🔥 1:1 calls with me, my Storytelling Coach and my Media Trainer 
  • 🔥 Bi-weekly PR strategy calls 
  • 🔥 Monthly storytelling calls
  • 🔥 In-depth media training
  • 🔥 An on-demand learning centre, with my proven step-by-step Publicity Rockstar Method™
  • 🔥 Media pitching templates 
  • 🔥 Media outlet and podcast lists 
  • 🔥 Direct media contacts (!)
  • 🔥 Regular media pitching opportunities
  • 🔥 and more…

Here’s a brief description of the clients I usually work with:

We’re a good fit if…

✅ You are a woman with a mission, a story, a message, knowledge and/or services and products that the world needs to hear about. 

✅ You are either a coach, a consultant, a service provider, an author or an entrepreneur. You might also be a woman in a corporate field who wants to pursue a CEO position (or any other position you desire) and sees the value of media attention to accelerate this process.

✅ You are really good at what you do and produce valuable results.

✅ You are an action-taker and love to implement what you’ve learnt right away.

✅ You are ready to leave your comfort zone to personally grow, create much better results than before and achieve the big goals you’re dreaming of (think: huge media features, getting invited for speaking opportunities like a TED talk, writing a book, etc.).  

✅ You know you need to raise your voice and share your message with those who are dying to hear from you, because you’re in business to make a real impact. 

✅ You are willing to invest time, energy and money into developing yourself and your business in order to accelerate your business and personal growth.

We’re not a good fit if…

❌ You just want to be famous. 

❌ You are looking for a magic pill and don’t want to put in the work. My system only works if you do too!

❌ You are happy to rely on Facebook ads and don’t have a need for getting warm leads for free. 

❌ You’re in a shady and unethical industry (e.g. you’re a coach in the pick-up artist scene = big no-no!). I am all in to help you share good with the world, not evil

Putting yourself out there can be scary, so here are some mindf*cks you could come across…and what’s actually true!

Maybe you think…

❌ I am not an expert!

❌ I don’t have a story to share.

❌ The media isn’t interested in my story.

❌ I will just advertise to become an authority.

❌ I am not ready to get featured in the media.

❌ My (social) following isn’t big enough to get in the media.

❌ PR doesn’t work for me.

❌ I don’t have enough (coaching) experience.

❌ I wouldn’t know what to tell the journalist anyway.

But the truth is…

✅ You don’t have to be a go-to expert. You become one through publicity!

✅ You have an inspiring story, even if you think you don’t – trust me!

✅ Journalists need stories day in day out, and you have them (especially as a coach, consultant or trainer!)

✅ Advertising is a great tool, and yet it’s expensive, you need to make it work and it hardly helps you to gain trust and credibility.

✅ You are ready to get featured! Even if you launched your business yesterday!

✅ You don’t need a (social) following to get publicity. You actually build it by getting featured in media outlets.

✅ PR works for you, too! If you have tried and it didn’t work, you missed a piece. It works, especially as a coach, consultant or trainer!

✅ You don’t have to have years of coaching experience, you just need to know more than your target audience. That’s it.

✅ You have a story and expertise. That’s what you share with a journalist.

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