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Standard commission

 (note: there is a 10% commission for active services like e.g. 1-2-1 calls and premium coaching packages that require my time).


Day Cookie Period

(last cookie which means that if the same user follows two different affiliate links, and makes a purchase only after accessing your website through the second/last affiliate's link, this second affiliate will be credited for any conversions). 


Day Payout Period via PayPal

(the only option to get paid, no manual payouts).

I sell various DIY courses ranging from €199 to €999. 

Let's talk money...


Your commission is between €59,70 and €299,70 per sale.

Your commission is...

I sell a Publicity Rockstar™ Power Hour between €199 (upsell) and €299.

Your commission is...


Between €19,90 and €29,90 per sale.

I sell 1-2-1 Intensives (one for press coverage and one for podcast guesting) between €2,200 (only available as upsell for students inside the course) and €2,500.

Your commission is...


Between €220 and €250 per sale.

I sell VIP Days (one for press coverage and one for podcast guesting) between €3,200 (only available as upsell for students inside the course) and €3,500. 

Your commission is...


Between €320 and €350 per sale.

All offers are being up-, down- and cross sold in various funnels. 

Please note: The prices are an indication and can vary due to promotions and special offers. 

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What products do you offer? 

I offer products that teach solopreneurs, coaches and consultants to get featured and published in prestigious publications (such as for example Forbes, Cosmo, Business Insider, Women’s Health) and invited on top-tier podcast shows.

You can find all my products and services here.

NOTE: You need to sign up to receive your unique affiliate links. These links are just for you to check out and see if it’s relevant to your audience.

Do you offer a lead magnet? 

Yes, you can invite your audience to my free PR masterclass “From Unknown to Expert”. You can find the landing page here: (this is NOT your affiliate link, it’s just have a look at the training). 

Do you provide promotional material?

Yes! There are swipe copies and graphics you can use to promote my publicity offers. 

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