Discover my groundbreaking approach that’s helped countless clients (and myself) become celebrated podcast guests on influential podcast shows that YOUR ideal client listens to.

Elevate your influence with just 2 hours each week.

BOOST YOUR BUSINESS by Mastering the Podcast Guesting Circuit. Get ready to amplify your voice, magnify your brand, and turbocharge your client base.


Solopreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants:

it's time to speak up!

Being a guest on podcast shows SETS YOU APART from your competition

Imagine yourself as the star guest on the hottest talk show in town, captivating listeners with your insights and expertise. Learn the secrets of catching the attention of top podcast hosts, positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your field. It's like being the lead actor in a blockbuster, where your voice resonates with audiences far and wide, making your brand the buzz of the industry.

Step into the Spotlight:


Picture your network as a lush forest waiting to be explored. By mastering the art of podcast guesting, you're igniting a wildfire of growth, spreading your message to new corners of the digital world. Each guest appearance is like planting seeds of connection, cultivating a loyal following eager to hear more from you. It's like having a legion of fans cheering you on, as you traverse the digital landscape, leaving your mark everywhere you go.

Expand Your Reach Like Wildfire:

Think of each podcast appearance as a golden opportunity to turn words into wealth. As you share your expertise on various shows, you're not just talking; you're building a pipeline of potential clients and collaborations. It's like turning the airwaves into a river of revenue, attracting high-paying clients and lucrative partnerships that elevate your business to new heights. With each episode, you're not just spreading knowledge; you're paving the way for financial success.

Turn Conversations into Cashflow:

I want this!

You aim to be a recognized authority in your field, working with ideal clients. 

They DON'T KNOW YOU yet.

You started your business to follow your passion and make an impact, but standing out, building a reputation, and selling your offerings is tougher than you expected.

Many solopreneurs are overwhelmed by the relentless pace of marketing. Daily social media efforts often yield minimal reach unless you're spending big. Ads are getting costlier, and the upcoming changes in 2024 will only add to the challenge.

The rise of AI in content creation has saturated the market (and will continue even more), making it even harder to capture your audience's attention.

The challenge?

Do you really want to struggle and still remain unseen?

The question is:

It's time for a SHIFT. My Publicity Rockstar Podcast Mastery Course teaches you how to leverage the influence and reach of top podcasts for long-term business growth. 

This course is your key to creating lasting, impactful content that continuously attracts your dream clients, far from the social media craziness.

And the best part of it: You just need to talk and share your story and wisdom!

Podcast listeners are INCREDIBLY DEDICATED to the show

That means if listeners reach out to you, they are warm leads because they feel they know you because you’ve been in their ear for 30+ minutes!

Plus: Everyone can crack out written expert content with a couple of clicks, thanks to AI. But having a conversation about a specific subject matter is only possible if you really know your sh*t, which means podcasts allow you to shine as the go-to expert and set you apart from all the wannabes in your industry! 

68% listen to the full episode

I'm ready for the spotlight!

I know what it feels like to be EXHAUSTED & FRUSTRATED from trying to get visible to your ideal client.

When I started my first business as a Breakup and Divorce Coach in 2014, I was thrilled to help women overcome heartache. However, that excitement faded as I faced the challenge to becoming visible to my ideal clients.

I followed the advice of marketing gurus and pursued various strategies:


Podcast hosting


Creating numerous lead magnets

Participating in online summits

Daily social media engagement

Sending weekly newsletters

Attending networking events

Wasting money on ineffective ads

😭 Tears welled up in my eyes as I sat in a co-working space in Chiang Mai, feeling like a failure. But giving up was never an option. NOTHING would bring me back to corporate! NEVER EVER will I have a boss again!

At that moment, I decided to go back to my roots, which are journalism and PR. I decided to focus on leveraging the media and podcasters’ reach, impact, and reputation to grow my business.

After six months, I reached a breaking point, overwhelmed and filled with doubt about the value of my investment of time, energy, and money

As a certified PR Consultant coming from the corporate world, I was sending press releases.

Super excited about being invited for interviews I checked my email inbox like a maniac and…HEARD CRICKETS 🦗🦗 That was how I found out that press releases do NOT work if you aren’t a household name and pretty much nobody has ever heard of you.

Despite feeling unknown and doubting my own interest, I refused to give up. Through extensive testing and adjustments, I made it work. I meticulously crafted what I now call the Publicity Rockstar™ Method.

With that method, I landed features in major media outlets like Cosmopolitan (online AND print 🤯), Instyle, Closer & many more.

Focusing on getting FREE PUBLICITY  revolutionized my coaching business.

&I want the same for you!

Within 18 months, I generated an advertising value exceeding 3 million euros.

I built a website with 100,000+ monthly organic (not paid!) readers.

I built an email list of thousands of potential clients.

My social media presence experienced rapid growth (once I got 1.500 new followers within 12 hours from one media feature!)

I secured a book deal with a renowned publishing house and wrote a bestselling book.

Therefore, I was mostly fully booked, my programs sold out and my passive income increased month after month.

And: Potential clients actively approached me!

That’s why I am dedicated to helping you gain media and podcast attention

It’s the SIMPLEST, FASTEST and MOST COST-EFFECTIVE way to share your message with the world.

I firmly believe PR shouldn’t be restricted to 6- and 7-figure business owners, as it is an excellent tool for rapid business growth. To provide accessible PR knowledge and step-by-step guidance, I created the Publicity Rockstar™ Podcast Mastery Course, offering affordable opportunities for solopreneurs like you.

Please teach me your ways!

“I was featured on 3 podcasts within 30 days of hiring Simone. I would recommend hiring her as a PR consultant in a heartbeat. She’s amazing at what she does. She delivers what she promises. And she’s certainly an amazing investment to make and a consultant for the keeps.”

Aasma Wasti
Founder and CEO of Accelera8 Global

What one of my clients had to say

Leverage the POWER of podcasts to skyrocket your personal brand.

Keep struggling or...

...exhaustion from relentless online marketing.

...invest once in a podcast appearance that continues to attract clients, even far away in the future.

Say Goodbye to…

Instead, You’ll…


...hours spent on barely visible social media content.

...craft compelling conversation topics that podcast hosts can’t resist.

Say Goodbye to…

Instead, You’ll…


...feeling invisible despite your unique expertise.

...get recognized by ideal clients who find you through popular podcasts.

Say Goodbye to…

Instead, You’ll…


...constant fatigue from the digital marketing grind.

...relax, knowing your podcast appearances continuously build your brand.

Say Goodbye to…

Instead, You’ll…


...anxiety over escalating ad costs for lead generation.

...tap into vast podcast audiences, growing your network organically and swiftly.

Say Goodbye to…

Instead, You’ll…


...doubts about establishing yourself as a market expert.

...gain instant credibility and authority by aligning with top podcasts.

Say Goodbye to…

Instead, You’ll…


...despair over ineffective lead magnets and stagnant email lists. your email list and client base flourish as a result of your podcast presence.

Say Goodbye to…

Instead, You’ll…


The Publicity Rockstar Podcast Mastery Course will help you REVOLUTIONIZE your business and reach the people you are meant to serve.

But don’t take my word for it; Here’s what my students say

The Publicity Rockstar Podcast Mastery Course


The Publicity Rockstar™ Podcast Mastery Course is specifically designed for solopreneurs, coaches, and consultants; this program is your gateway to becoming a celebrated podcast guest, exploding your email list, and transforming your brand - all by simply talking about your story and expertise.

Enroll now

Your Publicity Rockstar Podcast Mastery Course Roadmap

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The Publicity Rockstar™ Podcast Mastery Course is more than just learning; it's about transforming your presence in your industry.

Your Rockstar Offer - aka Creating the Crucial Foundation 🚀


We start by defining your podcast persona and unique value proposition. This clarity helps you target podcasts that resonate with your brand and message. You'll learn to create compelling bios that turn listeners into clients.


The Audience - aka Crafting Your Impactful Podcast List 📜

Efficiently identify podcasts that align with your brand. I'll share strategies to connect with the right hosts and find their contact information effortlessly.


The Hit - aka Getting the Host’s Undivided Attention 📢

Learn how to create pitches that stand out. Master the art of generating topic ideas that make you an irresistible guest.


The Stage - aka Writing and Sending Your Irresistible Pitch ✍️

Discover the secrets of storytelling that make your podcast appearances memorable and impactful, ensuring hosts and listeners will want you back.


The Performance - aka Sharing Your Wisdom with Unshakable Confidence ⭐

Learn how to deliver an outstanding podcast interview and become a highly appreciated guest who is being invited back to the show over and over. 


The Promotion - aka Leveraging Your Podcast Interviews for Clients, Cash, and Reputation 🤑

Unlock the full potential of your podcast as a tool for growing your client base, enhancing your income, and solidifying your reputation. 

Comprehensive Publicity Rockstar™ Podcast Mastery Video Training

Get access to my in-depth video training of my Publicity Rockstar™ Method, a proven step-by-step process. to become a guest on top-tier podcast shows. This training will teach you EVERYTHING that you need to know to get accepted as a podcast guest in an easy and very digestible way so that you’re not overwhelmed but finally take action and move towards this big vision you have for your business.

High-Converting Pitch Templates

Stop guessing what could work and use my templates of the highest converting pitches that you can send to podcast hosts right away.

Here's what you get

Workbooks & Tracking Sheets

Follow along with your workbooks for a streamlined learning experience and use my tracking sheets to monitor your success.

Save Money and Learn a Valuable Marketing Skill

Gain a skill for life that lets you independently secure podcast spots, saving thousands that would otherwise go to PR agencies.

Become a podcast star

No longer caught in the endless cycle of feeding the social media machine, you craft your plan once and watch it unfold seamlessly. As you implement your strategy, you tap into established podcast audiences, rapidly expanding your own network in the process.

Fast forward, and the results are astounding. Ready-to-buy clients start approaching you after hearing you on their favorite podcasts. These warm leads feel like old friends, having spent 30 to 60 minutes listening to your voice and absorbing your expertise.

You're at your desk, mapping out your podcast strategy with PRECISION.


But here's the real magic: 

Sales conversations become effortless. Listeners already view you as an authority, having connected with your message before ever stepping foot on a call. It's as if the groundwork has been laid, and all that's left is to seal the deal.

This isn't just a dream. 

It's THE REALITY waiting for those who dare to invest in themselves and their future with the Publicity Rockstar Podcast Mastery Course. 

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and reap the rewards?

Absolutely, I am!

You are done being a best-kept secret, ready to step into the spotlight and not afraid to go outside your comfort zone to reach your big goals.

You want to share your message with thousands or millions of people, make a world-changing impact and build a powerful personal brand.

You want to build your email list on steroids so that you build a future-proof business that does not depend on social media algorithms.

You want to gain the visibility, credibility, trust, and authority that sets you apart from your competition and makes you the unquestionable choice for your dream client.

You are tired of wasting time on social media and want to attract your ideal clients who are ready to work with you and pay you what you are worth.

You want to lower your ad spend and/or have more “client acquisition eggs” in your basket than only a pricey ad strategy. 

You don’t want to hire an (extremely expensive) PR or marketing agency to accelerate your business growth. 

Get straight to the heart of podcast guesting without wading through irrelevant details. I share exactly what you need to know for quick, impactful results.

Why is this course DIFFERENT than other PR courses out there?

Reason #1

Time-Efficient Learning

My Publicity Rockstar™ Method has successfully landed clients and myself on top podcasts. It’s a clear, easy-to-follow process that I've refined over years of experience.

Reason #2

Proven Method for Podcast Success

You don’t need to be a seasoned speaker.

You’re simply having a conversation sharing your story and wisdom. I'll show you how to convey your message confidently.

What you also might  THINK  you need but you actually do not:

You don’t need a PR agency.

You'll learn to manage your own podcast outreach like a pro easily and effectively.

You don’t need hundreds of clients.

Your unique story and insights are what matter.

You don’t need to be well-known.

Podcasts can be your launchpad to fame.

You don’t need to put in endless hours.

You can gain success with just two hours per week!

Yes, this is achievable even if you’re new or have imposter syndrome!

I'm ready to break through!


Click me:

Who is this course for? 

It was designed for solopreneurs, coaches and consultants, but the strategy I teach works for any business owner who’s looking to get thousands of eyeballs on their business, build a powerful personal brand, and increase their income. 

Why is getting on podcasts important? 

It gives you everything you need to build a profitable business: visibility, authority, credibility, and trust because you are ‘endorsed by the endorsed.’

Podcast listeners are extremely dedicated to the show, and 68% listen to the full episode. That means if listeners reach out to you, they are warm leads because they feel they know you because you’ve been in their ear for 30+ minutes!

Plus: Everyone can crack out written expert content with a couple of clicks, thanks to AI. But having a conversation about a specific subject matter is only possible if you really know your sh*t, which means podcasts allow you to shine as the go-to expert and set you apart from all the wannabes in your industry!

With ad prices skyrocketing and the decreasing organic reach on social media due to algorithm changes and affluence of content due to A.I., podcast interviews are an excellent alternative way to reach your audience.
Not to mention that we’re living in economically challenging times, and your clients are cautious about where they invest their money, which means building trust is key to nudging them off the fence. And podcast interviews are a big deal because the listener feels they know you and what you’re about.

That trust will make your sales so much easier because the potential clients already have a positive feeling about you and your services when they approach you. 

How do I know I am ready for podcast interviews?

If you are a coach, consultant, or solopreneur who serves clients and has a mission, a story, a message, knowledge, and/or services that the world needs to hear about, you are ready to pitch yourself to the podcast shows.

Podcast hosts are always searching for interesting guests who can add value to their show and audience. And you can do that!

Why should I listen to you? 

I am a former radio journalist, and a PR manager for companies such as e.g. I hold a Master’s degree in journalism and am a certified PR Consultant with 20+ years of experience in the media and PR world.

Also, I have built my first business solely with free publicity. For example, with features in Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Closer, and by being on countless podcast shows sharing my story and expertise. Nowadays, I am a PR Coach and freelance writer for publications such as Business Insider.

What will I learn in this course? 

You’ll learn to pitch yourself confidently to podcast shows with two hours of work per week without paying €10,000/month because you hired a PR agency. 

Most PR and publicity courses are between €2,000 and €4,000; yours is €499 - what’s the catch? 

The PR industry makes media and podcast outreach a secretive process that makes most business owners believe they need to hire a PR agency. That is absolutely not the case; in fact, you will be more successful if you handle your outreach yourself. I am here to spill the tea and give you everything you need to get podcast publicity. This course is also a side gig and not my primary income. 

How long will it take to get results? 

It can literally take you as little as 24 hours to get your first pitch accepted. Obviously, the more pitches you send the higher the chances to get accepted. 

What’s included in the course?

A bite-sized video training with workbooks, tracking sheets and proven-to-work pitching templates.

Does the course come with 1:1 support?

No, this is a self-study course. 

How long can I access the course? 

The course comes with lifetime access. 

Do I need any PR experience to make this work?

Absolutely not! I give and teach you everything you need to pitch podcast shows successfully.

What if I need help? 

Inside of the course you have the opportunity to book a paid 1-2-1 call with me to get the support you need (at a reduced student-only rate).

I have another question.

Please send an email to and we’ll come back to you within 48 hours. 

How much longer will you CHASE VISIBILITY through fleeting social media efforts?

Look, you can keep on creating outstanding content, post it and feel like you’re screaming into the void. Or you can create strategic podcast interviews that live on in the online world and bring you clients, even years later.

I know that deep down, you already know that you have to stop playing small and level up your business so that you become this highly-paid sought-after industry expert that impacts so many people and changes so many lives.

If this wasn’t the case you wouldn’t have made it so far.

You know that you have so much to give and to share with the world and that IT'S TIME THAT EVERYONE KNOWS

and more importantly, that the ones who need your help find you and are able to work with you.

Inside the Publicity Rockstar™ Podcast Mastery Course, I show you every single step that you need to take to get on those impactful podcast shows, you get everything you need to get those shiny podcast appearances that will make you an industry leader.

Yes, I'm ready to shine!


 They are fancy big names
BECAUSE OF THE PUBLICITY they have received!

All industry gurus have not received publicity because they are fancy big names.


What will YOUR legacy be? Take the leap today – your future self will thank you.